Blogging for business: everything you need to know

blogging for business ultimate guide

I’ve written a lot about blogging for business. After all, I’ve been writing blogs for businesses since 2013 and so I’ve got quite a lot to say about the topic. So I thought, why not put it all together in an ultimate guide? That way, if you’re looking for any information relating to blogging for … Read more Blogging for business: everything you need to know

My Story… From Nerdy Kid to Freelance Copywriter

angela rodgers business blogger

How did I get here, at this point in my life, freelance blogging for businesses? I thought this might be an interesting one to share, both for my fabulous clients who are curious about my background, but also for anyone else looking to do something similar. I’ve already got a short (and an extra-short) version on my website, but I thought it might be worth going into some more detail, because I love talking about myself and all.

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