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Update January 2019: At the moment, Stew is unavailable to take on new web design projects. But I'm happy to collaborate with your in-house web designer or contractor! 🙂

Looking for a talented and reliable web designer? Or a website redesign and fresh copy to go with it?

I’m no web designer. I write copy. But I’m really blessed to have an incredible in-house web designer. Literally in-house… since we’re married and all.

Stewart Rodgers is a web designer who builds attractive, conversion-focused websites that function beautifully and get you results. Not that it really matters to you, but he’s also a pretty decent guitar player and makes the perfect cup of green tea.

Stew has been creating websites since before we met (which was in grade 9, by the way). He started doing them professionally when we opened our marketing boutique in 2014.

Small business web design

This includes all the features most small businesses need to get found online and connect with their ideal audience, including WordPress CMS, custom design, lead generation, blogs, social media integration, and a whole lot more.

Custom web design

If you need a more complex solution, that’s completely fine too. Stew can take your big ideas and find features, plugins, and tools to make them happen.

Website maintenance & care plans

The thing about websites is… you can’t just leave ‘em up without doing regular maintenance and backups. Things break, security updates are needed, and bugs are something you need to be on the lookout for constantly. Plus, most businesses need to update their content regularly (but aren’t sure where to start). Stew takes care of all of this on a care plan, so you don’t have to stress.

Web design + copy

There are big benefits to working with a copywriter and web designer who get along so well. If you need both web design services and website copy, we work together on your strategy to make sure everything fits together seamlessly. This usually means a faster process (great if you’re on a tight deadline) and much less back and forth (less work for you). It’s like having your own remote dream team.

Why work with Stew on your website?

There are heaps of web designers out there, but only a few of them can tick these boxes the way Stew can:

  • Warm and friendly
  • An excellent communicator who keeps you updated constantly
  • Really listens to your needs and involves you in the process
  • …but also lets you know if you’re wrong because he cares deeply about getting it right for you
  • Great at creating clean, modern designs
  • Creates a responsive design that looks good on all devices
  • Extremely process oriented
  • Thinks of every detail so you don’t have to
  • Delivers projects on time, every time
  • Understands online marketing and conversion
  • Has a detailed handover process to you have everything you need to take it from there… or he can help you with updates and maintenance on an ongoing basis

Web design samples

Here are a few samples of Stew’s work, but it’s easier to check them out on his website:

At the moment, Stew is unavailable to take on new web design projects. But I’m happy to collaborate with your in-house web designer or contractor! 🙂

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