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Angela Rodgers here.

I help entrepreneurs & thought leaders connect with their tribe through ghostblogging, website copywriting, and on-demand copywriting.


Ghostblogging for thought leaders

Need consistent, original blog articles to help your audience know, like, trust… and then buy from you? 

Website copy for small businesses

Looking for a copywriter who can sell you without seeming salesy, capture your personality, and get inside the heads of your ideal audience?

Hello there!

Angela Rodgers; here to help

Copywriter, mum of two, and wife of Stew. I’m based in Brisbane, Australia. I write blog articles for thought leaders and website copy for small businesses.

break business rules

Break the Rules [in Business]

I remember at some point in my childhood learning a very important truth: once you know the rules and have followed them for awhile, you’re allowed to break them. I don’t exactly know when I picked this one up… but it was probably somewhere in high school English class when they finally decided we’d got the basics on spelling, punctuation, and grammar down pat. I think I had some kind of breakthrough where I realised I was allowed to write with personality.

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Lovely words from clients...

The content she creates is always of the highest quality and goes above any expectations I have.

Brooke Maree

Brooke Maree Babywearing Education

You worked very quickly and independently and made the process easy!

Sam Dhu

Samantha Dhu Counselling

I loved how quick and easy it was to just tell you what I wanted and you put it all together.

Tanya Abdul Jalil

Employment Avenues

I love your approach and the way you have got to know me... I feel like you have known me for years.

Kacie Reardon

The Kulture Coach