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Easily get authentic, on-brand content

Is content marketing on your to-do list? Running out of time to get it done yourself? Get a B2B content marketing writer for on-brand content for your key online channels.

Get B2B content that connects

You know you should be creating and sharing content… you just don’t have the time to do it yourself. What you need is someone who can get the info out of your head so you can share it with the world. That’s where I come in.

As your B2B content writer, I’ll craft on-brand pieces for your blog, LinkedIn, email, and other channels. Together, we’ll set you (and your team) up to make the most of today’s best B2B content marketing opportunities so you can generate (and convert!) more high quality leads.

About your B2B content marketing writer

Why trust me with your B2B content writing? I have almost 6 years’ experience, I practice what I preach (as much as time permits!), and I understand how your audience thinks. And unlike most other content marketers, I’m a professional copywriter, so you’ll always get content that’s refreshingly good – and written in your tone of voice so it actually sounds like you.

My approach to content marketing actually works – in my own business, I actually find it works a little too well! Especially in the B2B space, where you need to invest a lot more time building relationships and connecting with your audience before they’re ready to buy. So, if that’s the kind of help you need, we should chat.

B2B content writing

Nearly anyone can write a blog or a social media post. But to do it well (and to the standard required for B2B), you need a content writer with experience and skills across storytelling, brands, strategy, SEO, audience engagement, marketing, sales, and more. Basically, you need a unicorn.

Here’s what you can get when I write your content:


A content strategy chat to brainstorm content topics

Your voice

Content written in your unique voice so it sounds like YOU wrote it


SEO keyword research, with your blog content optimised, plus page title and meta description


Appropriate stock images to accompany your article

Social media

Social media posts to help you share your article online

Happiness guarantee

Up to 3 versions (including 2 client requested revisions) so you're 100% happy!

I’m focused on your strategy to generate and nurture leads for your business and help move you towards your goals. The content I create is a sustainable, long-term assets you can use from now until forever.

Standard or custom packages available

500 word article

Get straight to the point with this short-form article - perfect for updating your blog or LinkedIn Pulse.

500 words
Keyword research
SEO optimised
Title and meta description
Image suggestions
Up to 3 versions

1000 word article

Tell a story or share a how-to. Engage your audience and provide massive value.

1000 words
Keyword research
SEO optimised
Title and meta description
Image suggestions
Up to 3 versions

1500+ word article

Create an epic asset for your business that both your audience and Google will love.

1500+ words
Keyword research
SEO optimised
Title and meta description
Image suggestions
Up to 3 versions

Optional content writing upgrades

LinkedIn profile writing and optimising

from $695 each

300 word email

from $395 each

10 x LinkedIn post package

from $950

What’s the process?

Step 1 - Enquiry and chat

Fill out the enquiry form below. I’ll get back to you and we’ll book a time to chat about your business and your goals, plus what’s working and not working for you right now with your content marketing. And you’ll get the chance to ask any questions.

Step 2 - Plan and proposal

After we chat, I’ll have enough info to put together my recommendations and a proposal for a content marketing and content writing package that best suits you. Once you’re happy with it all and accept, I’ll send through deposit/payment info, and we can get started!

Step 3 - Strategy chat

Before I start writing, we’ll book in a strategy chat so I can dig deeper into your brand and audience. We’ll talk about the kinds of topics to cover in the content and you’ll let me know your preferences so I can write in your unique style. 

Step 4 - I create your content

I draft up all your content (ahead of schedule). It all happens in Google docs so we can collaborate easily. Once your content is ready, I’ll send you a link via email.

Step 5 - Feedback and approval

You’ll get the chance to go through the content and provide me with feedback. The most important thing is that it sounds like YOU. I’ll tweak the content (up to two revisions) until it’s just right.

Step 6 - Content goes live!

Once it’s approved, your content is ready to go LIVE! You can send your blogs (and any content) to your tech team for scheduling and posting! All you need to do is sit back and *fingers crossed* wait for the results (plus respond to any messages and comments you get!).

Not sure about what you need? We can chat about your needs and I’ll put together some recommendations, just for you.

Ready for refreshingly good B2B content?

Let’s start capturing opportunities for your business with on-brand, strategic content. To get started, fill out the application form below. We set up a time to chat and see if I'm the B2B content writer for you.

FAQs about B2B content writing

It depends. I tend to book out 4-6 weeks in advance for one-off projects. But if you book in for regular content writing services (and we agree on a schedule), I’ll make sure I set aside time for your projects. If you have an urgent deadline, please let me know right away. If I can’t help you, I’ll hook you up with another writer who can.

Yes. I base my content writing on your unique story and approach. I never copy and paste other people’s content. I encourage you to use a plagiarism checker if you’re ever concerned.

  • I’m a copywriter first, which means you’ll always get content that’s refreshingly good – and written in your tone of voice so it actually sounds like you
  • I’m a specialist B2B content writer and I really (I mean really!) understanding your audience and how they think
  • I use these strategies in my own business with great success (actually, too much success sometimes!) and always practice what I preach

I am based in Brisbane, Australia. I work from my home office (it’s cosy!).

Once you have paid for and received your completed content, it is yours to do with as you wish.

Yes. I offer up to two client-requested revisions on all the content I write for you. Usually, due to my detailed briefing process, I find that we’re 99% on track after the first draft, though. At the end of the day, I will work until you are 100% thrilled with the finished product or help you find another suitable solution.

I specialise in B2B content writing, but I’ve written for a wide range of businesses and industries. So even if you’re not B2B, I might be able to help you. Exceptions include adult content, content that does not fit with my beliefs and ethics, etc. I reserve the right to refuse, refund, and cancel orders that are not a good fit.

At this stage, I don’t usually offer this as a service (although please let me know if you’d be interested as I may consider expanding my team to include it if there’s enough demand). For now, it’s best to speak to your web designer, VA, or another team member to ensure they are available to post the content for you. I’m happy to collaborate with your team to manage this process, as well. 

Yes! I regularly write website copy, blogs, email marketing copy, ebooks, lead magnets, case studies, whitepapers, and other types of content. If you’re not sure, just ask.

Want to chat?

Got some questions or not sure if it’s right for you? That’s cool. Let’s chat.

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