I'm a copywriter.

Also known as word-wrangler, web content writer, copy chameleon, blogger, and business writer

Hello! 🙂 My name is Angela and I work with B2B tech brands and consulting firms. I help you connect with your smart audience through website copywriting and content writing. Sound like you (and what you need)? Let’s get to know each other a bit better.

My copywriting specialities:

Talking strategy

I’ll zoom out and talk high-level goals, plans, and ideas for your business

Implementing plans

I’ll help you tick things off your list, write your copy, and produce your content

Website copy

I’ll give you words that capture your brand and connect with your people

Content marketing

I’ll craft strategic content that helps your audience know, like, and trust you

Article writing

I'll write articles that sound so much like you, even you’ll wonder if you wrote them

Dedicated copywriting

Get me all to yourself for a day to whip through your projects and to-do list

Here's who I write for:

B2B Tech Brands

You need a copywriter who can talk about what you do in everyday language so your audience *get* what you do.

  • SAAS products
  • IT services
  • B2B software

Business consulting firms

You need a writer who understands what your audience wants and how to speak on their level, while making the content engaging and useful.

  • Marketing & communications
  • Change & transformation
  • HR consulting

Complex & technical services

You need a copywriter who takes their time to understand what you do and the best way to talk about it.

  • Engineering & construction
  • Trades
  • B2B finance

Important facts:

  • I live in a leafy outer suburb of Brisbane, Australia
  • But I don’t leave my cosy home office for anyone (not even the Queen)
  • My dream is to live in the mountains
  • I’m left handed and my handwriting is illegible
  • I consist of 90% green tea and chocolate
  • I’m your classic INFJ (explains a lot, really)
  • My DISC personality = SDCI 38-30-25-7
  • I’m married to my high school sweetheart
  • My husband says I have a permanent smile

Which reminds me... I use smile emojis a lot 🙂

Angela Rodgers

Strategic copy and content

I like to start all my clients with a solid, research-backed strategy to make sure every piece of content we publish has a purpose – that it lines up with your goals, your vision, and engages your audience. The result? Quality content that’s consistent, but doesn’t feel overwhelming. A manageable content marketing plan that works to achieve your goals and doesn’t take up all your time. And an audience that knows, likes, trusts… and buys from you.

Conversion copywriting

Want more conversions on your website? Who doesn’t! The right words in the right place can get you better results: more traffic, more clicks, and higher conversion rates. Want to know the secret? Maybe it’s my marketing background or the fact that I sort of enjoy sales. Or maybe it’s my over-active imagination. I put myself in your audience’s shoes and get inside their heads. I write copy that bridges the gap between where they are now and where they need to be before they take up your offer.

Conversational copywriting

A lot of the time, the best copywriting is the sort of stuff that’d horrify your grade 10 English teacher (sorry Mrs Jose). Because good copy should sound less like “Proper English” and more like your best mate telling you about that awesome product they tried last week (seriously mate, try it!). Conversational copywriting is warm and friendly (but not overly familiar), it’s enjoyable to read, and isn’t afraid to break a rule or two.

Copywriting in your style and voice

But just because I write good conversational copy, doesn’t mean that’s all I can do. Test me out. What style do you want me to write in?

Stick up ya bum

Angela Rodgers, copywriter, annotates written materials that professional, corporate patrons utilise in promotional campaigns to procure additional customers and interact with them using phrases, terminology, and verbiage that corresponds with their habitual vocabulary.

You've scrolled this far. So let's get a little more personal.

How I got started

Fresh out of uni, I got my first gig from a regular customer at Maccas. No joke. I went from Drive-Thru chick to marketing manager at a startup in just a few days! After a taste of small biz, I wanted more. So I started my own boutique digital marketing agency.

Why copywriting

I’ve always loved writing (nerd alert!). So when my first baby was born and I got the chance to pivot, I shifted my focus to copywriting, blogging, and strategy. Best decision ever.


I’m married to my high-school sweetheart and we’ve collectively produced two crazy, curly-haired boys (est. 2015 & 2017). Together we work from home in all the love and chaos. Me as a copywriter, and Stew as a web designer. If you want to collaborate with both of us on a website project, check out The Digital Brew 🙂


I’m a follower of Christ. Don’t worry, I won’t email you Bible quotes…. unless you want me to. But it does mean if you’re looking for someone to write about something that doesn’t align with my faith, I’ll lovingly tell you thanks, but no thanks. You should hire a copywriter who believes in your offer and wants to help you get it out there. If that’s not me, I’ll brave the awkwardness and recommend a more suitable writer.

Spare time

Not a lot of that right now, I’ll be honest… because #kids and #smallbusiness. But I enjoy the occasional day trips to the mountains, listening to podcasts, crocheting beanies, scrolling Instagram, and baking anything with chocolate in it.

Want me to write your copy?

Let's chat about you, your business, or the project you've got planned. Maybe I can help. 🙂

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