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DIY brand strategy

Do you need a solid strategy for your brand? Or perhaps you have one (kinda, sorta, maybe) but you’re not sure it’s been done right? Let’s get that sorted before you do anything else.

Get started the right way with a solid brand strategy

I’ll take you through the process of developing your brand strategy and identity. Getting this right BEFORE you invest in copywriting and content will save you time and money.

Your brand strategy isn’t really that complex (but that doesn’t mean it’s easy). I’ve kept the template simple so you can quickly adapt to market changes as you go along.

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 Define your ideal audience, USP, archetype, and more

In your brand strategy template, you’ll get my practical list of questions that will take you through the process of developing your brand strategy. We’ll work with where you’re at right now, keep in mind your vision for the future, and just do it. It’s all about done, not perfect (so please excuse any dodgy Microsoft Word formatting quirks).
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Why I’m not charging you

I’m a copywriter. I do a lot of stuff for brands. But I’m not necessarily a branding expert. So, why give you a brand strategy template? I know a lot of useful stuff that I’m confident will help you. Plus, I want to help you figure your brand stuff out – it’ll make both of our lives easier if we work together one day. So really, it’s a win-win.

What’s included?

It’s the perfect mix of simple and comprehensive, to lay the groundwork for your brand strategy and identity. You’ll get sections to cover the following:
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Why do you exist?
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What does your brand archetype look and sound like?
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Where did you sit in the marketplace compared to your competitors? What makes you unique?
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What do you want to achieve?
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Who do you serve?
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What needs to happen next to put this strategy into practice?
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What problems do you solve for your audience?

Ready? Get it now!

All you need to do is pop your details in the form and I’ll send through your fully editable template.
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