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I know how hard it can be to find the time to blog consistently for your business. I’ve been there and I’ve seen the struggle for many of my clients. So today, I want to share with you some of my most successful techniques to creating blog posts faster, without sacrificing quality or authenticity.

You have to remember that if your audience feels as though you’ve rushed things or not respected their time by producing something high quality, you may as well have not written a blog at all.

That said, there are certainly more efficient ways to write your blogs. Here’s just a few…

Batch Content

Schedule in a day to write blog posts. Pump out as many as you can. This is a lot more efficient than writing one or two here and there, because you can get into the flow and produce content a lot more quickly.

Follow a Format or Template

Set up a template blog document that might look like this and follow this template if you feel stuck:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Topic 1
  • Topic 2
  • Topic 3
  • Conclusion/Summary
  • Call to action

basic blog template

Film a Video

Start your blog post with a video. This can be great if you’re a natural on camera and find it easy to talk about your topic while filming. Then you can use your video content to create a transcription and turn this into a blog post without having to think of new content.


Nearly all blogging platforms allow you to schedule posts ahead of time. Instead of hopping on in real time, you can set a schedule for your content to go live. You can also set this up with your social media so that your content is automatically shared at a specific time.

Ideas Lists

Keep a running list of blog ideas. You never know when a good blog title will pop into your head (probably in the shower, actually!). Adding it to your list will give you a backlog to refer to when you are ready to batch your next lot of content.


Invite a guest poster to contribute to your blog. Not only does this get you off the hook for a blog, but they will usually share the content with their audience as well.


Make it easier for the words to flow by having a good process behind your blog writing. Start with your title, then create a rough outline with dot points for your blog post. Once your outline is complete, come back to each dot point and turn it into a sentence, linking your ideas, and formatting each section with paragraphs and sub-titles.

Write Drunk, Edit Sober

Whether you are a drinker or not, this advice still stands. Get your words out on paper are quickly as you can without overthinking too much. Leave it and come back to it another day when your mind is clear. You might be surprised at how much pure gold you can write when you feel uninhibited. You might also be shocked at the state of your spelling and grammar ?

how to blog faster

Happy blogging!


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