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Refreshingly good website copywriting that gets results.
Looking for a professional website copywriter who will take the time to understand your audience and brand strategy, write in your brand voice, optimise for conversion, plus do that whole SEO copywriting thing? You're in the right place.
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Honestly? DIY copywriting is a lot harder than it sounds.

If you've tried writing your website content yourself or managing a website upgrade in-house, you're probably familiar with the challenges...
Writing your own content is hard - Writing about yourself is tricky (even for good writers)
It's time consuming - You don't have time to sit there, staring at a blank page
It's not your zone of genius - Maybe writing just isn’t your forte (and that's okay!)
You have better things to do - Like closing sales and managing your team

Hiring a pro website copywriter is a smart investment.

Your website is a 24/7 salesperson for your business who will never ask you for a salary OR commission. Once you're set up, your website will help you:
Increase traffic - With the right SEO keywords and quality content, you'll start moving up in Google
Boost conversion - Answer objections and structure your content well and you'll improve your conversion rate
Be more visible - Feel confident marketing your services with website copy you're proud of
Kick your goals - If your website content has been holding you back, a refresh might just kickstart your next phase of growth
When you work with a specialist website copywriter, you get refreshingly good copy that works. Not only will more people find you through Google, but when they get to your site, they’ll hang around, sign up, and click in ALL the right places.

Pretty solid investment, if you ask me.

Angela Rodgers

Copywriter & content writer for B2B
I write websites, blogs, and content for really cool (and sometimes really boring) brands.
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Pro website copywriter, at your service

Looking for website copywriting services? I can help. I’m a website copywriter based in Brisbane, Australia – but I work with clients pretty much everywhere.

I write website copy that sells you without seeming salesy, that captures your personality (without freaking anybody out), and talks directly to your ideal audience so that they choose YOU over your competitors.

I love coming up with the right words for your business. But I’m more than just a web copywriter. With a marketing/communications background, I understand the bigger picture and how your website fits into your marketing strategy and business goals. So if you want a website copywriter who understands your strategy (and all the other things you’re trying to do in your business), we’re going to get along just fine.

Get a specialist B2B website copywriter in Australia

Are you in the B2B space? You'll probably get the best results working with a specialist. I’ve written website copy for marketers, salespeople, coaches, tech companies, tradespeople, engineers, educators, and so much more. I know how your audience thinks and the right words to use. And while I mainly write website copy for Australian audiences, I've got experience writing for clients in the U.S. and Europe, too.

Yes, people really do love me!

Adil Arif

Adil Arif - Airtasker

Angela is probably the best content writer I have come across and worked with. She has got this great ability of thinking and writing content with perfection.
Suzy St George

Suzy St George - Neil Patel Digital

Angela is probably the best content writer I have come across and worked with. She has got this great ability of thinking and writing content with perfection.

A few examples of my website copywriting

Want to see what I can do? I’ve added some website copywriting samples below so you can take a peek at the kind of copy I’ve created for my clients. You’ll find I’m pretty good at adapting my style and tone to match your brand, so if it doesn’t sound like *you*, then don’t stress. I can do you.

My signature website copywriting package

4 page website

Up to 2 per month available
  • Up to 3 x 30-minute discussions
  • 1 x in-depth briefing questionnaire
  • Background research
  • Website copy for Home, About, Services, Contact
  • H1, H2, H3 suggestions
  • Title and meta description
  • Basic SEO keyword research
  • USP and tagline suggestions
  • Basic layout suggestions
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Optional upgrades

from $300

Add unlimited extra pages

from $300-$700 per page

Sales pages & landing pages

from $1995

Lead magnet / ebook content writing

from $2995

Email series

$1545 for 5 emails

WordPress website design done for you

price on application
Not sure on what you need? Send me your details and we can chat about your needs and I’ll put together a custom website copywriting proposal, just for you. So, if your website’s much bigger than this, or even teeny tiny, we can make it happen.
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Ready for website copywriting that sells you?

To get started, fill out the application form below and we’ll organise a time to chat about your project.
Website Copywriting

FAQs about website copywriting

I specialise in B2B website copywriting, but I’ve written website content for a wide range of businesses and industries. So even if you’re not B2B, I might be able to help you. Exceptions include adult content, content that does not fit with my beliefs and ethics, etc. I reserve the right to refuse, refund and cancel orders that are not a good fit.
If you need your copy optimised for Google, please let me know. I can definitely help with that! Most of the copywriting I do incorporates SEO best practices and I’ve invested time and money in learning how to do SEO copywriting really well. But whether or not SEO is part of your strategy, I write for people first, and search engines second. My writing will naturally lend itself to giving you an SEO advantage by including plenty of quality content, targeted keywords, headings, lists, and information that search engines like. I’m happy to include your specific, target keywords in a natural way where possible. You’re welcome to provide this information to me when you enquire or during the early planning stages of my copywriting process.
It depends on how busy I am. Like most other good website copywriters, I’m usually booked at least a few weeks in advance, so may not be able to start right away. An average website takes 1-2 weeks to draft. It’s a good idea to allow an extra week or so for changes so that I can make it *just right* for you. I can sometimes do rush orders, if requested. If you have an urgent deadline, please check to make sure I can meet it before you book me to write your copy.
Yes. I base my website copywriting on your unique story and approach. I never copy and paste other people’s content. I encourage you to use a plagiarism checker if you are ever concerned.
  • My processes are pretty tight – I go deep in getting to know you and your brand before I (figuratively speaking) put pen to paper
  • It’s all about communication – I’m in constant communication with you throughout the entire process so you know where I’m up to and can give me your input at any point
  • I specialise in website copywriting and have been writing website content for businesses for 6+ years
  • I’m not just a copywriter – I’m an SEO copywriter – and I bring this skill to all the web copywriting I do
  • B2B is my niche, so if your audience includes other businesses, we’re going to get along just fine
  • Every freelance website copywriter you come across will have their own unique writing style – I’m versatile, but you’ll see that I naturally gravitate towards longer form, conversational copy
I’m a website copywriter in Australia (Brisbane!). I work from my home office, so I do all my meetings over the phone or Zoom. That means we can work together no matter where your company is based.
Once you have paid for and received your completed content, it is yours to do with as you wish. (Go nuts!)
Yes. I offer two drafts with every standard website copywriting package. Usually due to my detailed briefing process, I find that we’re 99% on track after the first draft, though. At the end of the day, I will work until you are 100% thrilled with the finished product or find another suitable solution.
At this stage, I do not offer this service, but please mention it if you are interested. I may provide this as an add-on in the future. In the meantime, it’s best to speak to your web designer and ensure they are available to add the copy to your website for you, or if you feel confident, you can add it to your content management system yourself.
Yes! I can write email marketing copy, ebooks, lead magnets, and other types of content. You’re most welcome to contact me and request a custom quote for your project.

So you want to know more about working with a website copywriter?

If it's your first time hiring a website copywriter, you might feel unsure about what's involved, what you can expect, and what the process looks like. Here's what you need to know...

What does a website copywriter do?

Website copy includes any words you see on a website (plus some you don't see that are mainly there for Google).

A website copywriter asks the right questions and does the right kind of research to create the best possible words for your website. Generally, website copy is designed to provide users with information and/or encourage them to take action, whether it's signing up for your lead magnet, enquiring about your service, or purchasing an online product.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is exactly like regular copywriting (designed to sell or encourage users to take an action). But on top of that, it also takes into account your SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy and the keywords you want to rank for in Google. By using the right keywords and phrases in the right places, SEO copywriting can help you show up in Google searches for the words your audience is using to find your products/services. Of course, there's a lot more to SEO than just copywriting, but it's a very significant and important part. 🙂

When is the right time to hire a website copywriter?

Most clients who book me for website copywriting services are at one of these three stages:

1. Start up - Launching their first website
If you're a startup and you need a clear brand voice and messaging, hiring a professional copywriter makes sense. A word of warning - if funds are tight, it's a good idea to keep your launch site simple so you don't over-capitalise. The good thing about websites is you can always upgrade your copy down the track once you're ready.

2. Level up - Upgrading DIY copy to sound more pro
Some clients DIY their website copy and find this is sufficient to get them through the first year or so of business. But over time, a DIY website can really hold back the brand, especially if they want to charge premium prices and attract better clients. The good thing about upgrading DIY copy for a business that's already got customers and clients is that they've got a clear business model, product, or service. They know who their clients are and what their biggest problems are. The website copywriter's job is to refine the brand voice and turn all of these insights into copy that connects with the audience and helps to drive enquiries or sales.

3. Brand refresh - Updating their website and brand
Some clients have already worked with a professional website copywriter before. But over time, brands change, services start and stop, and the audience comes across new problems. Most businesses will need to make minor tweaks to their copy every few months (depending on what stage of business they're at). But every few years, there'll likely be a big enough shift in the business to require a complete refresh of the website copy. A lot of the time, this happens alongside a new website design and restructure.

TIP: No matter whether you're at stage 1, 2, or 3, always contact your website copywriter early on in the process. Your copywriter should be involved in planning your project, site structure, pages, content, and more. And that should (ideally) happen even before you book your web designer.

When shouldn't you hire a website copywriter?

Regardless of what stage your business is at, you’ll do need to do some foundational work before you start to work with a website copywriter. Before you hire a copywriter, you need to:

  • Know who your audience is – Your website copywriter has to know who they’re writing for
  • Know what you’re selling – Your website copywriter has to know what products or services to describe and promote
  • Be willing to let go – If you’ve done all the writing yourself up until now, you need to be ready to find someone who will do a better job than you… and trust them to do it
  • Have time to collaborate – Your copywriter will save you time, but only if you set aside the time to brief them, answer questions, and provide feedback
  • Have budget set aside – If you’re down to your last dollar, please don’t spend it on hiring a copywriter… you’re better off DIYing as best as you can until you can afford some help
  • Want to grow your reach and impact – If you don’t want to grow, you’ll probably be too scared to publish your updated site (for real – this does happen!)
  • Understand what a copywriter does – Don’t just hire a website copywriter because some coach/guru told you to… do some research and then decide for yourself if it’s a good investment

Working on a copywriting project before you’re ready doesn’t make good business sense. So, if a client comes to me and doesn’t have the above essentials in place, I’ll tell them they’re not ready to work with me yet. Simple 🙂

The website copywriting process

Every copywriter you work with will have a slightly different process. My process is pretty front-heavy. That’s because I like to spend a good chunk of time making sure I’m the right person to work with a client and that the project fits with their goals. Plus, I like to spend a lot of time understanding their business, their audience, and researching before I write the copy.

Here’s how I work with clients, from initial enquiry and proposal to writing, editing, and launching the content:

Step 1 - Enquiry and chat
Fill out the enquiry form above. We’ll chat about a bunch of website and business related stuff and you’ll get the chance to ask any questions about my website copywriting process.

Step 2 - Plan and proposal
After we chat, I’ll have enough info to put together my recommendations and a proposal. If I’m the website copywriter for you, you accept. Then I’ll send through deposit/payment info, and we can get started with your website copy.

Step 3 - I create your content
I create your style and formatting guidelines, audience avatars, tone of voice doc, keywords/tagline doc, and first draft. It all happens in Google docs so we can collaborate easily. Once the first draft of your website copy is ready, you’ll get the chance to go through it and provide me with feedback for up to two revisions until it’s just right.

Step 4 - Ready for launch
The final version of your website copy is neatly laid out in Google docs (SEO meta bits included). If you’re a little tech savvy, you can put it straight into your content management system (like WordPress), or send it off to your web designer.

Of course, I tailor this process to each individual client. If it’s a smaller scale project or a client I’ve already worked with, I might do a quick informal proposal, and I might not need to create as many supporting documents.

How much does a website copywriter cost?

Website copywriting prices vary hugely, from under $100 per page, right up to six-figure projects. The main factors influencing the cost of hiring a website copywriter include: experience, demand, niche specialisation, skill level, special skills, scope, urgency, potential risk/reward.

The more experienced, skilled, and specialised your website copywriter is, the most they’ll charge. And if your project requires more words or pages, or needs to be delivered urgently, you can expect your website copywriting costs to go up.

Projects will also cost more if there’s a lot of risk associated with getting your project wrong (e.g. government, medical, or high-profile) or a high potential ROI (high ticket items or high volumes of traffic). That’s because businesses in high risk/reward situations prefer to work with the most experienced, skilled copywriters possible to maximise their chances of success.

How do you choose a website copywriter?

Maybe you just want a professional writer who can put something basic together or edit out your spelling mistakes. If so, there are plenty of great copywriters out there who should fit your needs. 

But if you need to tick a lot more boxes than that (on-brand, SEO, conversion, etc.) finding the right website copywriter can be tricky. In fact, you might have to try a few different copywriters before you find one you’re happy to work with long-term.

Here are some good questions to ask when researching potential website copywriters to narrow down your options and choose the right one for you:

  • Do they have experience writing website copy in my niche/industry?
  • Do I like the example styles in their website copy portfolio?
  • Do they have plenty of positive testimonials from real clients?
  • Do they have a website that demonstrates good copywriting practices?
  • Do they break up their copy with headlines and spaces so it’s easy to read on mobile?
  • Do they demonstrate a good understanding of conversion copywriting best practices?
  • Do they use clear calls-to-action on every page?
  • Can they do SEO copywriting and either suggest keywords or work with my keyword list?
  • Is it clear that they write for humans, not just Google?
  • Do they understand the bigger picture of marketing strategies and business goals?
  • Do they have a clear website copywriting process?
  • Can they collaborate with my SEO person and web designer to create a better site?
  • Does their availability fit with my deadline?
  • Does the investment make sense for where my business is at right now?
  • Are they easy to work with and a good fit for my team?

I’m confident that these questions will help you compare potential copywriters and find that knows what they’re doing and is a good fit for your business. But if you’re still unsure, test them out on a smaller-scale project first. You’ll quickly find out whether you like their writing style, communication, and process. 

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