Custom, authentic blog posts
written for your audience

Keep your unique style and voice

As your ghostblogger, my #1 goal is to make your blog sound exactly as if you had written it yourself.

Leverage your time

You could write them yourself, but you're too busy. My goal is to leverage your time as much as possible. You'll save 5+ hours for every blog I write.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The most important thing is that your blog sounds like you. I'll tweak your content until everyone is happy!

500+, 1000+, or epic long-form

Choose the length that suits your needs. I can write blogs from 500+ or 1,000+ words long. If you need something epic and longer-form, I can do that too.

Shareable graphics for facebook/instagram

Boost your blog's engagement and get more from your content with quote graphics, a featured image, and (if suitable) an infographic to share on social media.

Get one blog or buy in bulk

You can order a single blog post or batch your content in lots of 5 or 10 (awesome for scheduling and being all efficient-like).

Angela Rodgers

About your ghostblogger

Over the last 5+ years, I’ve written hundreds of blogs for loads of industries and biz owners who use content to connect with their audiences everyday. 

I love blogging because it’s an amazing way to show an audience that you know your stuff, can be trusted, and are super likeable. And I can say *hand on heart* that blogging (done right) can get awesome results for your business.

Because if your audience knows, likes, and trusts you… when the time is right, they’ll buy from you (not your competitors).

What my
clients say

The content she creates is always of the highest quality and goes above any expectations I have. She is very easy to work with, considerate, enthusiastic, and professional. She can make anything sound great!
Brooke Maree
Brook Maree
Brooke Maree Babywearing Education
You lady are amazing! I gave you sweet fa for a blog post and you just made magic happen (with a small human demanding your attention). And the turnaround... talk about quick. Thank you! I cannot wait to see what the next will be!!!
Karly Pacher
Karly Jane
Buy More Time
The process was great, very simple, easy to follow. I think you're offering something very unique and valuable - I loved how quick and easy it was to just tell you what I wanted and you put it all together.
Tanya Abdul Jalil
Tanya Abdul Jalil
Employment Avenues​


Want to see what I can do?  Here are a few samples of my blog writing so you can take a peek at the kind of content I can create.

Ready? Let's go!

The first step is to send me your details and a brief!

Expand your impact with

Regular, high quality articles on your website will set you apart as a trusted industry leader, while sending you more traffic from search engines and social media.

How does it work?

Step 1

Send me the info

At the bottom of this page, you’ll see a form where you can send through your info. Then you can fill out the brief. You’ve got a few options…

  • 2-5 minute recorded video/audio – An existing YouTube video, Facebook live, webinar recording, podcast, recorded phone call, or even just thinking out loud on selfie-mode
  • A rough outline – This could be in dot-point form or a roughly written article that needs tidying up and expanding (or even a general topic, as long as it’s suitable for me to research and take the lead on it)
  • A chat with me – We could have a chat about your blog(s) via Skype or on the phone

Getting stuck? I’m happy to help you with prompts, topics, questions, and ideas to make this process quick and simple for you. 

After you submit your brief, I’ll send through your invoice and let you know when you can expect the finished blog(s).

Step 2

I do all the writing

Once you’ve completed your brief and paid for your blog(s), I get to work! I assemble all the info and organise it into the most logical order to tell your story. I add things like dot points, lists, and headings to make it easily readable. I add calls to action and make sure I’ve covered any SEO keywords you gave me.

Step 3

Editing and graphics

I edit your blog article(s) until they’re as on-point as possible. Then I make at least two relevant, shareable graphics to go with each blog. These can be embedded in your article to make it more interesting and engaging for readers. But you can also repurpose them on your social media accounts. So you can spend less time thinking about what you need to post on social media!

Step 4

Ready for scheduling

All of this gets packaged together and sent to your email address. Voila! Unique, authentic content you can schedule in ahead of time across all of your key platforms. The best part is that you don’t have to write any of it yourself!

Oh – and if it’s not quite right the first time, I’m always happy to get feedback and tweak your blog until you’re happy. 🙂

about ghostblogging

At the moment, I have a few orders waiting to be filled, so my average turnaround time for a single blog is 5-7 business days. For bulk orders, I’ll take a bit longer. Please check my availability here. If you have an urgent deadline, please message me to check that I can meet it before you place an order.

Yes. I base all of my blog articles on my client’s own unique story and approach. I never copy and paste or re-work other people’s content. I guarantee that your content will be unique, and encourage you to use a plagiarism checker if you are ever concerned.

My approach to writing blogs has two fairly stand-out features:

  • I offer the option to create content from your audio/video/written brief so it’s quick and easy for you
  • I use your unique voice/brand/story when writing 
  • I mainly write conversational copy that connects best with your audience… but I’m adaptable too
  • I create bonus complementary content that can be shared on social media along with your blog

Yes! I offer individual blogs or blogs in bulk lots of 5 or 10. You can easily add multiple blogs to your order form/brief.

I am based in Brisbane, Australia. I work from my home office (it’s cosy!).

Once you have paid for and received your completed content, it is yours to do with as you wish.

Your content should be accurate and well-written in your own unique voice. I’m confident you’ll be thrilled with the end product!

You’ll always get the chance to give me feedback on your blog(s) so I can tweak things and get it perfect. I want you to be 100% happy.

I can write blogs about nearly anything. Exceptions include adult content, content that does not fit with my beliefs and ethics, etc. I reserve the right to refund and cancel orders that I cannot fulfil.

I have recently written a fair bit about marketing, business, parenting, babies, real estate, engineering, finance, events, and more. I am an avid researcher and versatile in writing for nearly any industry.

I actually prefer things this way. It stops me from getting bored ;-).

If you’d like to target a specific keyword with your blog(s), please let me know and I’ll optimise your blog around that.

But SEO is quite a big topic and hard to cover here. In short, I write for people first, search engines second – however, my writing will naturally lend itself to giving you an SEO advantage by including plenty of quality keywords, headings, lists, and information that search engines like. Blogging is an important piece of the puzzle, but there will be other factors to consider as well, like whether your site is technically sound, the type of links pointing to it, and so on.

If you post regular blogs with good unique content like the ones I could write for you, you would almost certainly see a boost in SEO. I am happy to include your specific, target keywords in a natural way where possible. You are welcome to add this information to your brief.

At this stage, I do not offer this service, but please mention it if you are interested. I may provide this as an add-on in the future.

Nope! As you are hiring me to be your ghostblogger, I work behind-the-scenes as if I was you. Your audience doesn’t have to know I exist (usually they’ll just assume you did the writing), and you don’t need to put my name on anything. 

Yes! I specialise in writing online copy. If you’re my blogging client, I’d be honoured to be your go-to copywriter for other stuff too.

Many of my blogging clients also regularly ask me to write website copy, email marketing copy, e-books, lead magnets, and other types of content.

You’re most welcome to contact me and request a quote for your project. And if I can’t help you with something, I’ll refer you to someone who can.


One Blog
Batch Five Blogs
Batch Ten Blogs

Make a selection above to view the pricing.

500+ Word Article

$ 215 00
  • Written in your unique style
  • Save 3 hours of your time
  • Get 2+ shareable graphics
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

1000+ Word Article

$ 325 00
  • Written in your unique style
  • Save 4 hours of your time
  • Get 3+ shareable graphics
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Epic Long-Form Article

$ 375 00
starting from
  • Written in your unique style
  • Save 5+ hours of your time
  • Get 4+ shareable graphics
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

500+ Word Articles

$ 995 00
  • 5 x 500+ word articles
  • Written in your unique style
  • Save 15+ hours of your time
  • Get 10+ shareable graphics
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

1000+ Word Articles

$ 1575 00
  • 5 x 1000+ word articles
  • Written in your unique style
  • Save 20+ hours of your time
  • Get 15+ shareable graphics
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Epic Long-Form Articles

$ 1825 00
starting from
  • 5 x epic long-form articles
  • Written in your unique style
  • Save 25+ hours of your time
  • Get 20+ shareable graphics
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

500+ Word Articles

$ 1950 00
  • 10 x 500+ word articles
  • Written in your unique style
  • Save 30+ hours of your time
  • Get 20+ shareable graphics
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

1000+ Word Articles

$ 3125 00
  • 10 x 1000+ word articles
  • Written in your unique style
  • Save 40+ hours of your time
  • Get 30+ shareable graphics
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Epic Long-Form Articles

$ 3575 00
starting from
  • 10 x epic long form articles
  • Written in your unique style
  • Save 50+ hours of your time
  • Get 40+ shareable graphics
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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