Copywriting & content writing portfolio

Client: The Savvy Bookkeeper

I developed content and marketing materials with my client, a super busy business owner launching an exciting new startup targetting the bookkeeping industry.

One of the projects we worked on involved turning her recorded audio and transcripts into blog articles for her new website. I worked to preserve my client's authentic voice in the blogs, so that they sound exactly like her. My process involved adding structure (headings, bullets, etc.), SEO optimising for a relevant keyword, moving the order around for best flow, and then lightly editing to make it sound less like a transcript and more like a blog. Plus, I suggested a featured image for each blog.

Once approved, I pulled quotes from each blog to turn into social media content, just to make sure we were getting as much value out of the content as possible. From there, my client's graphic designer created a graphic for each social media post, and her VA scheduled/posted the content. It was a real team effort!

Gallery: Portfolio Samples

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