Copywriting & content writing portfolio

Client: Elcom

Elcom are a B2B tech company that sells intranets, portals, and websites. They engaged me to write long form content including eBooks and lead magnets for their audience. The goal was to capture their audience's details by having them fill in a form to download a guide, so they could stay in touch and follow up.

For our first project together, I worked on "How to successfully plan, deploy, and launch an intranet", which turned out to be a rather long eBook lead magnet. I loved working on this and diving deep into the topic, sharing practical advice around what people need to consider at each stage of planning and rolling out a company intranet.

After I was finished writing the content, Elcom's graphic design team made it all pretty (because FYI, there is no way I could make it look this good). I've included just a few screenshots here, but if you want to read the whole thing, you can download it from their website.

Gallery: Portfolio Samples

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