Copywriting & content writing portfolio

Client: Moreton Bay Recycling

I started working with Moreton Bay Recycling in mid-2019 to help them create regular content for their blog. Since their audience is mainly local tradespeople, truck drivers, and developers, we needed to come up with content that was engaging and useful to them, while helping to stay in touch and build a strong brand relationship. Plus, of course, include relevant keywords to help increase Moreton Bay Recycling's chances of showing up in Google.

A lot of the content has been educational, focused around how the recycling process works and what kinds of products you can use recycled concrete in. That's because there are still many people who don't realise the benefits and use cases for recycled concrete, which means they're paying to dump it (instead of recycling it for free) and using virgin quarry products (which are more expensive and have a greater environmental impact).

I really enjoy working with this local small business 🙂 And especially collaborating with their virtual executive assistant, Alana, who also does a fab job of their marketing.

Gallery: Portfolio Samples

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