Website design & copy packages: The Digital Brew is coming soon!

September 24, 2019

I’m super, dooper excited to announce that I’m launching a new brand! Introducing...

The Digital Brew!

Graphic "Brewing something new" Coming October 2019 - The Digital Brew

You can check it out here. We haven’t officially launched yet so it might still be a “coming soon” page. But there’s a waitlist and social media links. It’s all happening, people!

But before I say anything else, let me just say this:

I’m not going anywhere

Good. Glad we got that out of the way 😉

sweet relief

Announcing a new brand launch is exciting, scary, and all sorts of wonderful.

But it often comes with a lot of questions, whether you’re a current client, past client, or someone who’s been following along for the past year or so.

That’s why I thought I’d do a post about TDB. I wanted to answer some of the questions you might be wondering and also reassure my audience/clients that nothing is happening to my B2B copywriting and content writing services.

What is The Digital Brew?

The Digital Brew is a new brand that I’m launching alongside my husband, Stewart.

Stewart and Angela Rodgers
This was us last Christmas. My brother took some family photos and we were instructed specifically NOT to wear Christmas colours or it'd look tacky. ?

He’s a web designer and I’m a website copywriter… well, connect the dots. We’re basically a match made in business heaven! Stew and I have been working together on website projects since 2014 (or earlier if you count a few unofficial things).

We’re just now putting the touches on our all-in-one website packages for small businesses. These web design packages will include custom website design and done-for-you website copy. Plus, we’ve got some hosting and maintenance packages for those clients who want to stress less about keeping their site healthy and updated.

We’re not officially live yet, but everything is set to launch in October 2019. We're already taking enquiries from interested clients.

How’s business?

Business is good. Really good. Actually, it’s never been better. I’ve got a handful of really excellent copywriting and content writing clients and I’m getting enquiries from *ideal clients* in the B2B and technology space.

And I LOVE the work I’m doing.

So, why start something new?

Good question. A few reasons...

1. We were already doing it
Although we weren’t advertising it anywhere, Stew and I were already getting enquiries about doing website copy/design packages together. I guess people can see his work on my site, and they want some of that for themselves. Plus, we still occasionally get referrals from clients we used to work with a few years back.

2. We love working together
We want to do more of it! Stew and I make a good team - not just because his web design skills complement my website copywriting skills rather well. The good thing about working together (and being married at the same time) is you can boss each other around a bit, be honest about when something is good/bad, and book in big projects without worrying that your business partner is going to change their mind and leave. And we’re not going anywhere. In fact, today is our 7th wedding anniversary. 🙂

3. It has potential
Less like that boarded-up house at the top of our street, and more like that kid who's basically the top of every class (we hope!). People NEED the kind of service we can provide them with, there aren’t many teams out there who do it like us, and we can grow it to be bigger than us (if we decide to down the track).

4. We’ve done it all before
Although we’ve mostly freelanced on separate projects for the last 2-3 years, this wasn’t always the case. Before we had kids, Stew and I used to do website copy and design packages together under our previous digital marketing brand, Big Idea Marketing. It almost feels like this isn’t a launch, but a re-launch (albeit under a different name)! The first time around, we were new to running a business and we made all the classic mistakes. But we also honed our skills and figured out what works. We’re excited to start afresh, get back into it, do good work, and do a good job of the business side of things now that we actually know what we're doing.

What’s going to happen to your copywriting/content writing business?

Nothing. Zip. Nada.

The Angela Rodgers brand is here for life (it IS me!) and I have no plans to stop my freelance copywriting and consulting work.

How the heck are you going to manage it all?

Gahhh I don’t know! Just kidding. I have a plan:

1. Really good systems
We’ve spent so much time over the last few months setting up systems and processes for TDB. Smooth processes mean I can spend less time writing emails and fiddling with stuff, and more time doing high-value work for clients.

2. Limiting client numbers
I’ve had a lot of practice doing this over the last year, but I’m going to get even more picky about the kinds of clients I work with and types of projects I take on. It’s important that I don’t spread myself too thin so that I can do really good quality work (and still sleep at least a few hours every night!).

3. Getting help
I have a VA who helps with admin and a small team of copywriters I subcontract some projects to (but I still edit everything myself). A lot of the work I do is tricky to sub out because it’s complex and technical, and I don’t always have a big enough subcontracting budget to pay for the time it might take another writer to do the work. Over time, I’ll have more budget available to get more help so I can take on more projects. And of course, I have the ever-amazing Stew who does all the web design stuff, horrible yucky technical jobs, and whatever graphics I need. (He also deals with the kids way more than me during the week.)

4. Childcare
At the moment, the kids (aged 2 & 3) are in daycare three days per week (when they’re not sick from germs they picked up at daycare). This has made it possible for Stew and I to create some space to work on The Digital Brew’s launch and some other projects. Grandparents (especially my mum) help take the load off, too.

5. But really, I don’t know
Sometimes, you just have to start something and hope for the best. If we’re insanely booked out with clients, it’s a good problem to have. We’ll figure it out!

Sign up to the waitlist

If you’re thinking about launching or re-launching your website soon (or at some point!) you’ll hopefully love what we have to offer at The Digital Brew. I’m so excited to share all the details with you soon.

Right now, we have a coming soon page live with a waitlist. So you can sign up there to get updates about the launch. I’ll try to avoid posting too much about TDB on this blog (as it’s mainly focused on my B2B content writing stuff) so if you’re interested, definitely head over to TDB for more info.

We plan to go live and officially launch in October (eek) so I’d best get back to work. So. Much. To. Do!!!

🙂 Angela

P.S. If you’ve got questions that I haven’t covered here, please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email. Happy to chat 🙂

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One comment on “Website design & copy packages: The Digital Brew is coming soon!”

  1. Hi Angela,
    Good to hear you're doing so well and Digital Brew. If you don't mind, I'd love to pick up any author editing or ad hoc content if you have to turn it down. $66 an hour for editing. Thanking you.

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