Business Buzz Words That Drive Me Nuts

This week, I will be interrupting your normally useful weekly blog with a bit of a rant. Because things are getting out of hand in the online business space when it comes to descriptive language. Here are a bunch of words that are getting far too much inappropriate use right now and it’s time let them go and return to proper language.


This word, when used in certain contexts, feels a bit like “moist” and should really not be used in business unless you’re describing a food product.


You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.


You mean “work hard”? Then say it.


Nope. You’re a try-hard-preneur.


You think that’s disruptive? You should see my toddler.

Low hanging fruit

This just sounds rude. Keep your low-hanging fruit to yourself.

Pick your brain

No thanks. Especially if you intend on doing it over a coffee.

Action that

This is terrible misuse of the English language.

Touch base

I do not give you permission to touch my base.

Reach out


Killing it

What is “it”? Should I call the police?


Not at all business related, but this one deserves a special mention. The word hubby makes my eyes roll so far back in my head that my pupils disappear.

business buzz words

Full disclaimer… good chance I’ve used at least a few of these myself and probably will again in the future. But hey, at least I know I’m a hypocrite.

And oh please, if you do use any of these buzz words or sayings in my presence, I won’t do/say anything at all, because I’m not this passive-aggressive/ranty in real life. #KeyboardWarrior #IDontBite

That being said, if this blog post prevents at least one person from hesitating before they write “hustle” or “hubby” then my job here is done.

princess bride quote

Over to you now… are there any other repeat offenders that I’ve missed?


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