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August 27, 2019

This blog isn’t my usual style, but whatever… it’s my website, so I do what I want 😉 And just quietly, I do (on very rare occasions) get a little burnt out from writing about serious stuff all the time.

That said, if you’re looking to learn about something relating to copywriting, blogging, marketing, or business, you’ll find all my other blogs listed here.

Anyway, if you’re curious about what’s in my undie drawer (literally) then keep on reading 🙂

This blog isn’t my usual style, but whatever… it’s my website, so I do what I want 😉 Click To Tweet

Over the last few years, I’ve found that I keep coming back to certain brands and products that are consistently awesome and make my life a bit better. It seems wrong to keep this information to myself, so I thought I’d share it with you here. So, here are some of the brands and products I love...

Sukin face care


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One of my writer buddies (who runs some fantastic makeup courses!) recently introduced me to the wonders of Sukin. I started with a moisturiser and face wash and have since expanded my collection to include another type of moisturiser and face wash, a face mask, lip cream, rosehip oil, shower gel… and I want more! I love Sukin for a few reasons:

  1. They’re incredibly affordable (you can often get them half price if you know where to look)
  2. They don’t make my skin breakout
  3. The product packaging is simple and easy to use every day (pumps for the win)

I don’t think my skin has ever been this well looked after. 

Seacret body butter


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I don’t know about you, but I get a bit twitchy when my hands are dry. It’s just the worst feeling. A few years ago, I had awful eczema on my hands and it seemed like nothing could properly moisturise my hands. They were raw and cracking… ugh! And then I tried a sample of Seacret body butter on my hands and incredibly, it made a huge difference. Although I don’t have any eczema issues on my hands right now, I always have a tub on-the-go because it’s so deeply moisturising without being slippery or gross.

FYI: this is a bit of an MLM type company I think, which I normally try to avoid. But thankfully my “distributor” has set me up with some kind of login so I just purchase my supplies directly through the site. Or I hunt down a good deal on eBay.

Nude by nature makeup


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I’ve used Nude By Nature’s mineral finishing veil for around 8 years now. I don’t wear makeup very often, but when I do, I like to top off my liquid foundation with this powder to help set it in place (essential in sticky/humid Brisbane weather). I’ve recently added a few other NBN products to my teensy makeup stash and I’m pleased to report that their lipstick is excellent, as well as their mascara (the only one so far that doesn’t make my eyes water).

Redken All Soft


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When I was about 18, my hairdresser at the time recommended Redken All Soft shampoo and conditioner. As someone who (up until then) had only used cheap grocery store hair products, the price tag scared me a little. But I bought it because it’s really hard to say no to your hairdresser (or maybe that’s just me). Anyway, fortunately, it was a very good purchase! This product makes my thick, straight, coarse hair somewhat cooperative and soft(er). I’ve pretty much used it nonstop ever since. Any time I’ve experimented with alternatives, I always come straight back to All Soft. Also, I found out you can buy 1L bottles online for a bulk price AND because it’s a quality product you don’t have to use as much. It might actually be saving me money… 😉

Boody undies


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As soon as I tried a pair of these undies, I ordered more and threw out pretty much all my dodgy Kmart ones and not-much-better Bonds. Boody’s bamboo undies are SO comfortable. They’re stretchy, breathable, and everything you’d want in a pair of everyday comfortable underwear. They do men’s underwear, too, by the way. Although my husband is too dedicated to his Step Ones to try anything else (but they’re bamboo, too, so same-same).

Boody singlets (and shirts and leggings)


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I got my first Boody singlet around 9 years ago (for real!) and have worn it regularly since - probably around once a week on average. It’s a little worn but it’s held up well enough that I could still comfortably wear it in public. The fabric is stretchy and has nice drape - and it’s survived nonstop wearing through two rounds of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Bet you can’t say that about many pieces of clothing you own (especially if you're a dude, haha)! I've since added a few other Boody singlets and other clothing items to my wardrobe and they’re perfect for summer when it’s stupidly hot because the bamboo breathes really well. But I also love them for layering all-year-round. 

Bamboo socks

Sensing a theme here? I love bamboo. I’m nearly always wearing a pair of bamboo socks - I own a bunch of white ones and my husband owns a bunch of black ones. (Our feet are the same size so it’s important our socks don’t match or we’d end up sharing :-S) Anyway, we found these black and white bamboo ankle socks on eBay and they’re AMAZING - comfortable, thick, soft, and breathable. If you search “bamboo socks” on eBay, you should find them. They’re the ones that say “bamboo” on the sole.

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Bamboo sheets


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Okay, yes. I am bamboo obsessed. But seriously, once you try bamboo bedsheets, you’ll never want to go back. These are quite the investment but so, so worth it - after all, you spend almost half your life in bed! I’ve tried a couple of brands but so far nothing compares to Home Republic bamboo sheets (from Adairs). They’re thick, breathable, soft, and smooth. In summer, they’re cool to touch and moisture-wicking (and don’t get stinky), and in winter they quickly warm up to keep me cosy. 

Maleny Dairies milk


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If you’re outside of South-East Queensland, I’m sorry, but you might not be able to try this one. But if you’re ever up this way, you must give Maleny Dairies products a go. We nearly always get the gold top unhomogenised full cream milk. It’s one of the only cow milks my stomach can tolerate (although I still wouldn’t overdo it!) and it just tastes SO good. They’re a really awesome business, too. We’ve visited the farm and done the tour a couple of times - a great experience if you’re ever in the Sunshine Coast hinterland area.

The Tea Hut Jasmine Green Tea


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All day, every day. The Tea Hut’s Jasmine Green Tea is my favourite tea that I come back to all the time. It’s sweet, mild, and full of flavour. There’s no green tea in Coles or Woollies that comes close in terms of quality and flavour. If you try this and hate it, you’re probably doing something wrong. Here’s how you can get it right: 

  • Use water at 80 degrees (or boil it and wait a few minutes)
  • Use a smallish teaspoon of loose tea leaves
  • Brew for 30 seconds (any longer and the flavour will be less sweet and more bitter/grassy)

It’s good with sweet or savoury snacks or even meals. And goes perfectly with a few pieces of chocolate (see below).

Cadbury Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy


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Sorry not sorry. I really wanted this to be an honest post and so I couldn’t possibly leave this one off since I eat it quite frequently. This is my absolute favourite chocolate right now - has been for a couple of years now. The textures, the popping, the taste… gah. So good! But whatever you do, avoid buying the similar-looking version with clinkers and raspberry chips… those raspberry chips feel like torture on your pearly whites.

Although, I have to admit, I haven't eaten any chocolate for over a month now. It's been a really tough month, but my body needed a break ?

That’s it for now… I might come back here and update in the future as I discover more favourites to share. 

But what about you? Any brands/products you use all the time that I really MUST check out? Let me know… might need to “research” them for my blog.

Any brands/products you use all the time that I really MUST check out? Let me know… might need to “research” them for my blog. Click To Tweet

🙂 Angela

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