Where to Find Skilled Copywriters, Freelancers, and Consultants

October 12, 2018

So, you want to find copywriters, freelancers, or a consultant of some sort? Finding good freelancers and consultants to work with you on a project can be tricky. And chances are, you need them, like… yesterday.

That's why I’ve put together some of my most skilled and trusted freelancer/consultant buddies and contacts below who you can reach out to. Some of these people I’ve personally worked with on projects, while others I’ve only spoken to, but their portfolio, client list, or general wonderfulness speaks for itself.

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Recommended freelancers

Graphic designers

Lauren Waine (My Marketing Friend)

Lauren is a talented graphic designer who can take your concept and bring it to life! We share a client, so I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with her and see her create both logos and a range of marketing collateral, like brochures and social media graphics.

Natasha Gyte (Design Days)

While I haven’t worked directly with Tash yet, I’ve admired her work from a distance for years now, since she did some amazing design work for a client (and friend!) of mine.

Madeline Davey (Scripted Love)

I’ve connected with Madeline on LinkedIn and had a few chats. She’s lovely to talk to and I’m sure she’d be great to work with. Her specialties are logos and content creation and she works closely with her clients through the design process to ensure the design is tailored to their needs.

Web designers

Stewart Rodgers

I couldn’t not recommend my husband here. He’s put many, many hours of hard work into creating my website and keeping it up to date and putting up with yet another pivot in my messaging and content. In short… he’s a visually-gifted, mostly-patient, very helpful WordPress web designer for small businesses. But if you want to work with him, you'll need to book pretty far in advance because he has limited availability right now due to his #1 most demanding client (aka ME).

Bec Waterhouse

I’ve chatted briefly with Bec via a Facebook group (or two!) and can vouch for her general awesomeness. Her specialty is websites for women in service businesses, so if that’s you… go talk to her - NOW!

Branding/strategy consultants

Sue Parker (Dare Group)

I’ve been familiar with Sue's brand for years thanks to her helpful articles and comments in business groups, but I’ve recently had the pleasure of talking to her a lot more via LinkedIn. Which, by the way, is her area of expertise. That and personal branding. She’s always super real, honest, and genuinely cares about you, and has helped me with some great tips over the last few months. Sue has over 30 years media and marketing experience so not much she hasn't seen or worked on. And a great sense of humour to boot. 😉

Nina Anderson (Anderson Advisory)

I’ve recently worked with Nina and had the pleasure of listening to her talk about her approach to personal branding for organisations and senior executives. She helps them have a BIG impact by building strategic relationships which equals more influence, better collaboration, and successful projects. If that’s something you need help with, definitely reach out to her.


Lauren Waine (My Marketing Friend)

Not only is she a graphic designer, but you can count on Lauren to help you with your marketing strategy. I’ve had a few strategy chats with her and she definitely knows her stuff and understands how to connect with an audience.

Social media managers

Lauren Waine (My Marketing Friend)

Yep, third time lucky! Lauren’s not just great at graphics and marketing, but she’s really awesome at social media - especially Facebook.

Madeline Davey (Scripted Love)

Madeline isn’t just a graphic designer, she can help create, schedule, and share your online content for you. Pretty rare to get someone with skills in both these areas, so she’s definitely worth getting excited about! 🙂

Project managers/OBMs/VAs

Alana Johnson 

Alana is an online project manager whose greatest strength is her ability to organise things. I was lucky enough to work with Alana on her website copy recently and I can say with full confidence that she is one of the most organised and lovely people I’ve spoken to. She has skills and knowledge in marketing, admin, and events, which makes her the perfect person to implement or manage these jobs for you.

Susie de Andrade (Adept VA)

Susie is so lovely and helpful. We’ve collaborated while working with a mutual client and I’ve seen firsthand that she’s great with social media, project/task management, and more. And she’s always keen to learn new things and adapt to new processes in the business.

Elle Roberts

Elle is an online business manager for women entrepreneurs and just an all-round amazing, multi-talented human who knows so much about business. If I needed an OBM, she’d be my #1 choice! I first found Elle via her podcast a while back, but since then, we’ve connected a lot on Instagram. She has twin toddlers and I find her posts really encouraging because… heck, if Elle can do it with those two little people around, so can I!


Hang on… I’m a copywriter… right? Sure am! But I won’t always be available for your project and I might not be the right fit for you. If I can’t help you out, I’m confident that you’ll find the copywriter you’re looking for in this list of talented (and lovely) people.

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Glenn Murray (Divine Write)

I’m lucky enough to work with Glenn most weeks as a subbie, but that doesn’t mean I can’t recommend him! He’s been doing the copywriting thing for almost as long as I’ve been alive, which means he has bucketloads of experience in pretty much everything. And he’s a great writer, even if he doesn’t like my Oxford Commas. ?

Anna Rogan

Whether you need copy or content writing, Anna’s your gal. Her background includes big banks and government, so she’s not phased by the heavy/boring stuff. And her writing is anything but heavy/boring!

Ali Strachan

Ali manages the content strategy for one of our mutual clients, so we’ve worked together a fair bit recently. She’s super smart, SEO savvy, and thinks strategically. Her specialty is creative brands, but the client we’ve worked with together is a tech/SAAS brand in the disability space.

John Espirian

John’s the most helpful person alive. Seriously, I challenge you to find a more helpful human being! That’s why I don’t hesitate at all to recommend him - because even if he doesn’t end up working with you, you’ll still feel as though you got value and help. John’s based in the UK and his specialties are B2B website copy and content, plus LinkedIn consulting.

Honestly the list here could go on (and on and on) because I know so many amazing copywriters. So if you’re looking for something in particular, let me know and I’ll see if I can hook you up with the best person for the job. Or head to the Clever Copywriting School and browse the directory.

The next best option? Job boards and directories.

If you can’t find the type of freelance or consultant you’re looking for among my recommendations above, you’ll likely need to turn to job boards, communities, or directories to continue your search.

I’m getting pretty good at finding freelance copywriting jobs online. So let me reverse engineer my process for you. These places are where quality freelancers (especially copywriters) look for quality jobs:


Rather than posting a job, you could just post a status update advertising to your network about the kind of help you’re looking for. Here’s something you might write:

Hi LinkedIn network! I’m looking for a freelance copywriter to help me with [insert details of your job here].


Do you know anyone you can recommend? If so, please tag them in the comments.

Or if you are that person, please leave a comment below with your email address and portfolio link and I’ll get back to you if it looks like we might be a good fit.

Thanks in advance!

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Make sure you specify whether the job is local (and if so, where) or remote. If it’s not already clear, make sure you include info about how soon you need assistance, how much time you think is involved, and whether it’s a contract/part-time/full-time/freelance position.

Problogger jobs board

Whenever I’ve got a gap in my schedule (rarer these days), I have a peek at the Problogger Jobs Board to see if there’s anything I might be able to apply for.

Cult of Copy Jobs

I’ve picked up one or two great clients from the Cult of Copy job board. Anyone who needs to hire copywriters is welcome to join and post their jobs, and they usually get multiple copywriters responding to their job ads.

Clever Copywriting School

I’m a member of the Clever Copywriting School and I have had a few enquiries via the directory. Most of the members are based in Australia (like me) and you can filter it by specialties so you can find the right copywriter for you.

Freelance Jungle

Freelance Jungle have a lovely directory full of Australian freelancers. You can sort by expertise and filter by state to bring up probably one of the most comprehensive lists of Australian freelancers you’ll find. I think there are plans to overhaul the website platform in the coming months, so I’m excited to see where Bek (the founder) takes it next.

Over to you…

Where have you found freelancers or consultants for your business in the past? And who do YOU recommend I check out and (maybe, possibly, one day) add to this list? Feel free to pop a comment below.

I plan to keep my list updated as I connect and work with more talented people in the future.

🙂 Angela

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  1. Hey Angela. Just took a bit more time to really browse through your blog and website. How refreshing, informative... And inspiring! I can definitely take a page out of your book.

    1. Well aren't you just lovely, Kyla? <3 Thank you so much. I definitely recommend you checking out some of the places I linked at the bottom if you want to find more writing work 😉 You've got this!!

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