Why Your Business Blog Needs New Content Weekly

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Here I am, 3 blogs in, making a commitment. If I’m not doing this thing weekly, I’m setting myself up to fail. You can hold me to that.

Because from what I’ve noticed, businesses need to be blogging at least weekly to really make the most of their content marketing. If you have the resources to blog more often, then go for it! But weekly should be the benchmark you are aiming for, and here’s why…

  • Fresh Content Means You’re Still Alive
  • Social Media is Hungry for It
  • You Can Talk to your Email Database About It
  • It Makes Google Very Happy
  • Content is King, Consistency is Key
  • It’s a Realistic Goal for Most Small Businesses
  • It Sells Without Selling

why blog weekly

Ready to start blogging regularly? Jump in and start NOW!

Here’s to you…


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