Put Your Face On It… Do Your Customers Really Know YOU?

I’m a big fan of personal branding. Here’s why:

  • It’s time to think people to people, not business to business
  • Almost all of the small to medium businesses I choose to connect with online are personal brands
  • I forget brands that aren’t personal
  • I trust businesses that put a face to their marketing

If you have been putting your face out there in your marketing, I applaud you! It can be hard to do. You might feel a bit vulnerable at times. Or maybe you love it – all the more power to you! So if you’ve been posting videos, pictures, and telling your story online, keep it up.

put your face on it

If you haven’t put your face on the brand yet, what are you hiding from? Your customers? Maybe it’s not intentional, but your potential customers might feel as if you have something to hide. It doesn’t help them get to know, like, and trust you. You are costing yourself sales.

Allow yourself to take a more personal approach. If this is new to you, just start somewhere. Put up a picture, or write a personal blog article. See what kind of response you get. I can almost guarantee that it will be a lot more effective than any other kind of content marketing you’ve been doing.


Here are some ways you can incorporate a more personal approach to your content marketing:

  • Share a selfie
  • Share behind the scenes videos
  • Tell your story on video or in writing
  • Share something personal about yourself
  • Ask your audience to help you with something
  • Ask for feedback
  • Talk about your values
  • Talk about what you’re going to do on the weekend
  • Explain how you came up with your business idea
  • Do a live video
  • Make yourself available on more social media platforms – provide more ways for your audience to connect with you personally

I look forward to seeing your lovely face online soon!



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